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Pokemon Go Christmas event: How to get Pikachu, Raichu with Santa hats

The latest Pokemon update released Monday added two new features to Pokemon Go ? second-generation (Gen 2) Pokemon and a Pikachu wearing a Santa Hat. The update seems to be a prelude to the game's Christmas event, which is likely to have more features for gamers.

If you are wondering whether Pikachu's evolution, Raichu, will also get the Santa Hat then the answer is yes it will. So, how can players get it?

First, you need to capture a Pikachu with a Santa Hat. The Santa Hat Pikachu is a limited-edition Pokemon available only during the 2016 holiday season. To get one, players need to keep exploring areas until they get to the right one. The Santa Hat Pikachu will show up on your "Nearby" tracker if you are in the right area.

If you know of any Pikachu Nest location, you need to get there as soon as possible to increase the potential of capturing one with a Santa Hat. The Santa Hat Pokemon is generally found moving around the nests.

Players need to be careful, however, because if they battle the replicating Pokemon Ditto with a Santa Hat Pikachu, it will only transform into a normal Pikachu, not the Santa Hat one.

Once you have got the Santa Hat Pikachu, the next step is to get a Santa Hat Raichu. You can make the Santa Hat Pikachu evolve into Santa Hat Raichu using regular Pikachu candies.

Note that no Santa Hat Raichu has been reported so far, but Reddit user Cuincyboy told on the Silph Road Reddit page Tuesday that the Pokemon can be captured. It should be noted that the Santa Hat is just an accessory and does not endow the Pokemon wearing it with special powers.

Still, it is one of the rare Pokemon and capturing it will add variety to your Pokemon collection.

The Santa Hat Pokemon will be available until 1 p.m. EST on Dec. 29.