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Plane crashes on freeway where it once landed safely, kills 1

A small plane which had grabbed headlines years ago after landing safely on a Southern California freeway is in the news again but this time the plane had crashed on the same stretch of road, slamming into a car and killing a woman in the vehicle.

It is learned that five others, including the pilot and his passenger, were injured in the crash which took place on a stretch of Interstate 15 that has been the scene of several emergency landings.

California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Parent said the single-engine plane faced some problems before it banked and came down Saturday. The plane - a Lancair IV - landed on its belly and skidded about 250 feet before it hit a black Nissan Altima sedan. The Nissan vehicle was stopped on the shoulder of the road in San Diego County near Fallbrook. Parent said the sedan was pulled over by its driver to synchronize the Bluetooth device on his phone.

The rear of the car was badly damaged due to the impact and it fatally crushed Antoinette Isbelle, 38, who was sitting on the back seat. The crash also injured three other passengers in the vehicle. "The plane went completely into the trunk and pushed the rear bumper almost into the rear passenger seat," said John Buchanan, spokesman for the North County Fire Protection District.

The 62-year-old pilot Dennis Hogge and his female passenger were lucky as they survived but got seriously injured. The plane was once owned by major league catcher Matt Nokes, who had once landed the plane on the road without any trouble.