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'Phillauri' trailer: Anushka Sharma plays a friendly ghost with a haunting tale

Fans of Anushka Sharma already know that she isn't one to produce a run-of-the-mill story, think 'NH10'. For her second outing, Anushka has gone the 'friendly ghost' way.

While ' NH10 ' was raw and gritty, her latest production 'Phillauri' is quirky and lots of fun. But wait before thinking its just that, 'Phillauri' is high on content too.

The 2-minute-55-second long trailer starts off with Suraj Sharma being asked to marry a tree since he is a 'maanglik'. After reluctantly getting married to a tree, Suraj's character finds himself being haunted by a ghost named Shashi (played by Anushka Sharma).

The ghost claims that since she resides in the tree, Suraj has unwittingly married her. What follows is a fun ride of events that trace back to Shashi's life before she became a ghost.

While Suraj is endearing, Diljit Dosanjh as Anushka's love interest is charming as ever. However, it is Anushka who steals the show as the friendly ghost, who even has a sense of humour to add. The trailer, despite its light moments, offers hints of a sad story of Shashi.

'Phillauri', directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Clean Slate Films and Fox Star Studios, releases on March 24.