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'Penguins of Madagascar': Are you ready?

"Penguins of Madagascar" grabs your attention the moment this animation film opens with a voice-over by Werner Herzog.

In the new film, the heroes are secret-agent-like penguins and they are being led by Skipper (the voice of Tom McGrath). Critics who said that penguins do not live in Madagascar should not make such a hue and cry over it as the title refers to the "Madagascar" movie franchise.

In the new film, the four penguins infiltrate Fort Knox in order to see a vending machine filled with discontinued cheese-puff snacks. The four penguins, however, are not allowed to complete their task by the genetic researcher Dr. Octavius Brine, who is actually a disguised, disgruntled octopus named Dave.

Dave (voice of John Malkovich) sometimes barks orders in the form of actors' names (Nicolas, cage them; 'Robin, write this down') and his plan is to kidnap penguins from zoos and aquariums and transform them. He wants to rid the penguins of their cuteness.

The penguins decide to thwart Dave's plot by launching a competition: a squad of Arctic animals commanded by a wolf known only as Classified. The voice of Classified is given by Benedict Cumberbatch.

The movie can be watched in pointless 3-D and some of the mutant-penguin designs are damn amazing. The film directed by Joe Dante is rated PG (Parental guidance suggested).