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Passenger's selfie with EgyptAir hijacker goes viral

Benjamin Innes, who hails from Leeds but lives in Aberdeen, was held hostage along with 56 passengers on EgyptAir flight MS181, which was on its way from Alexandria to Cairo.

The selfie taken by the 26-year old Briton with hijacker Saif Al Deen Mustafa went viral on social media setting Twitter ablaze.

However, Mustafa had personal motives to hijack the plane and his action was later linked to his ex-wife, who is a Greek-Cypriot and lives in Larnaca.

Innes, who is seen in the selfie with Mustafa, posed on Twitter with a message: "You know your boy doesn't f*** about. Turn on the news lad!!!"

Cyprus officials who had held negotiations with Mustafa said he would be interrogated at length. One Egyptian officer dubbed him "mentally unstable."

After landing in Cyprus, the hijacker freed most of the passengers, holding back 4 crew members and 3 passengers whose nationality was not disclosed by officials.