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Parineeti Chopra opens up about meeting Priyanka Chopra's beau Nick Jonas in Goa

Priyanka Chopra and beau Nick Jonas were spotted at the Mumbai airport on Wednesday as they returned from their Goa vacation. Nick had accompanied Priyanka to India last week, post which they had gone on an intimate dinner date.

It was there that he met with PC's mother Madhu Chopra, who said that she'd met him for the first time and couldn't interact with him much, since there was a large group present, so it's too early to form an opinion about him. Later, the rumoured couple had zoomed off to Goa for a quick getaway with PC's brother and cousin sister Parineeti Chopra too joining them. They were spotted leaving on a private jet.

While Priyanka has been tight lipped about her rumoured relationship with Nick Jonas, sister Parineeti Chopra has finally opened up about spending time with the American singer-songwriter. In an interview with News18, Pari shared, "It was a great catch up time. It was like a family trip and there were friends with us too. So it was a friends and a family trip actually. It was short and sweet. I was there for like 24 hours and I had a great time. It was a great trip."

She also told NDTV.com, "It was fun and we had a great trip, amazing food. Yeah, it was great."

Speaking about meeting and finally getting to spend some time with her elder sister, Parineeti told News18, "I have not met my sister for months because she has been in America for the longest time. And whenever she travelled to Bombay, it was for a day or two. I wasn?t in Bombay either at that time. So this time when she came, I literally ran to her because I have not met her for months."

The videos shared by Pari and PC from Goa are enough proof that the duo had a gala time. The sisters were seen dancing on the song Tip Tip Barsa Pani and the video had gone viral.

Rumour mills are busy churning that Priyanka and Nick are planning to get engaged by the end og July or August. Some reports also suggest that Nick had already proposed to Priyanka before they went to his cousin's wedding.