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Pakistan: Blocked Facebook page of rock band now accessible

The Facebook page of popular Pakistani rock band 'Laal' (Red), which was banned by the social media website on the request of Pakistani government is now accessible to internet users in the country.

'Laal' was set up in 2007 by a group of progressive musicians. The band said in a Facebook post: "We won. Yes it's true. We were banned. We fought back. And we won. We want to thank all our supporters who supported us on social media and the mainstream media. This was your victory. Today progressives proved their strength through their unity. They forced the authorities to retreat from the ban. This may be a very small victory in relation to all the problems that Pakistan faces today. But a victory nonetheless."

The band added that it would continue its fight against the ban on other progressive pages that are suffering from censorship imposed by the government. The group announced that it will celebrate the victory.

"Lets celebrate Laal's victory against internet censorship with a revolutionary rock song. On 15th June we will be performing at village in Okara for the Anjuman Muzareen, commemorating the life and struggle of Rashid Rahman who was martyred recently in Multan for standing up for the rule of law and humans rights," it said.

The page of the band was blocked after the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) officials had asked Facebook to censor some accounts which were deemed blasphemous by PTA.