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PM Modi: Indira Gandhi ignored advice to demonetise, sold out India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused two former premiers, his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh and Indira Gandhi, of ignoring basic steps to fight corruption.

Obvious and recommended methods include demonetisation, he told his party's parliamentarians this morning, at a time when his government is being asked to explain the vast cash crunch forged by its sudden cancellation of 500-and 1,000-rupee notes a little over a month ago.

The Prime Minister was addressing his party lawmakers on the last day of this session of Parliament which accomplished close to nothing because of daily disruptions over the demonetisation drive.

PM Modi said that Dr Manomhan Singh kept stating the need to erase black money and check corruption but "did nothing during his 10 years" in power as the head of the Congress-led coalition government.

The Prime Minister also said that a report in 1971 strongly urged demonetisation - to which, he said, Indira Gandhi's response was: "Are there no more elections to be fought by the Congress party?"

The Prime Minister said, "had this (demonetisation) been implemented then, the country would not have been destroyed."

The Prime Minister's demonetisation reform has been widely praised for its intent, but faulted for execution, with the new currency being introduced nowhere near fast enough to ease the long lines at banks and ATMs.