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Overcome bad memory: Draw to remember better, for longer

According to a study by the University of Waterloo in Canada, drawing all that you want to remember can give your memory a boost.

Researchers believe that between drawing and writing out words repeatedly, drawing is the more effective way to retain information.

For the study, researchers gave student participants a list of simple words like "apple" and were given 40 seconds to either draw the word or write it out repetitively.

Afterwards, students were asked to recall as many words as they can from the list in 60 seconds. The result was that participants could recall twice as many words when they drew them in comparison to when they wrote them out. Study lead author Jeffrey Wammes said, "We discovered a significant recall advantage for words that were drawn as compared to those that were written."

"We labeled this benefit 'the drawing effect,' which refers to this distinct advantage of drawing words relative to writing them out."

The findings featured in "Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology."