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Okhla residents pour out their anger over area's neglect on MLA Amanatullah Khan's FB post about CM Kejriwal's visit

Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan is getting first hand taste of the amount of anger residents of the area have because of the neglect and apathy of the AAP government towards the grievances of the people.

The MLA posted an update on Facebook informing about CM Arvind Kejriwal's visit to Okhla today to inaugurate a transformer in Jogabai area. But as soon as the post was shared, people of the area started expressing their anger over the broken potholed roads, waterlogging, overflowing sewers and what not.

Take a look at some of the comments made by residents:


Imran Haider AK sb ko water logging problem bhi dikha dijiye Batla house market and as pas ke...., taki aur strong action le sake

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Jamshed Iqbal

Jamshed Iqbal मुबारक। लेकिन भाई उनको जामिया थाने से शाहीन बाग़ की पुलिस चौकी तक का सफ़र ज़रूर कराना क्योंकि अब तो गांव से आने वाले लोग भी जूते मारने लगे हैं कि अगर ये दिल्ली है तो इससे बहतर उनके गांव हैं।

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Sarfraz Alam

Sarfraz Alam जामिया थाने से शाहीन बाग़ का नाला भी बंद करवा दे डेंगू से बचने के लिए

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Kamran Khan

Kamran Khan शाहीन बाग़ का भी एक दौरा करवा दो जर्मन लेन ओर ओर उसकी तरह के तमाम रोड भी उनके इंतेज़ार में है,,,

Mohd Tariq केजरीवाल जी दौरा न करें तो अच्छा है बिला वजह शर्मीदगी होगी

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Sadaf Zaheer

Sadaf Zaheer Jasola village, near Burney chowk ke paas paani ki kaali pipeline dale huye 1 saal se bhi zyada ho gaya. Abhi tak usmein paani chaalu nahi hua aur na hi connection karaye gaye hain.

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Also many people shared pictures of waterlogged, potholed streets too in comments.

The MLA must not have imagined that he will get this kind of response before posting update about Kejriwal's visit on Facebook.

It is clear people want results and work done in the area. You may recall that last year 238 people had died in Okhla alone from Dengue. It is high time Delhi government gets down to business.