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Okhla activist forces CM Kejriwal to see area's broken, potholed roads for himself and order repairs

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal finally had to take notice and yield to the demand of Okhla social activist Mohammad Pervez on Thursday when he visited Jogabai locality in the area to inaugurate a transformer, and as asked by the activist took a look at the broken, potholed and waterlogged roads for himself.

The Delhi CM also interacted with some residents of the area who narrated their troubles because of the bad and unsanitary conditions in the locality.

As we reported earlier, Dengu activist Mohammad Pervez has been trying continuously to get local authorities to pay attention to the problems of the area but in vain. For some time he had been trying to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal so as to apprise him of the condition of the area and get much needed help for the prevention of diseases, but he was not being given an appointment with the CM.

As a final attempt, four days ago, he put forward a demand that CM Kejriwal visit the area for a foot march so he can see the condition himself, with overflowing drains, waterlogged and broken roads and more. He had cautioned that the chief minister of Delhi do this by 31st July, or else he will sit on a fast unto death in front of CM's residence on August 1.

As soon as the message was posted on social media, the activist started getting a lot of calls and messages from residents of the area as well as other activists and social workers offering their support in the campaign. Many other activists and residents joined in and agreedd to sit on the fast if needed.

Finally their efforts paid off and on Thursday CM Kejriwal arrived in the locality and this time not just for a mushaira, iftaar party or an inauguration but actually to hear people's problems.

After inaugurating the transformer, CM Arvind Kejriwal took a different route, via Okhla Head to Abul Fazal Enclave. This was the route that many residents had been asking the CM to take so as to see the dilapidated condition of the road.

At about 5:45 pm, many residents in Abul Fazal Enclave saw the CM going out with his entourage being followed by security guards and being led from the front from AAP workers on bikes.

The chief minister was accosted on the way by Rifat Jamal, a former AAP member, who says she left the party after seeing no interest being taken by the party for the betterment of Muslims. She told the CM about the bad condition of the area and how no repair was being done of the roads. The CM assured that the repair work will be done at the earliest.

The repairing of the roads is important as several potholes have surfaced after rain. Moreover, residents are deeply upset as waterlogging has become a routine thing on these roads and there are fears that this could lead to breeding of mosquitoes at a time when reports are coming of several cases of dengue, malaria and chikungunya being happening in the city.

Okhla residents remember with regret that more than 200 people had died due to dengue last year.

Let us hope the chief minister will keep his promise and the condition of Okhla will improve soon.