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Nirbhaya case: Juvenile convict set for release, trained as tailor to earn a living

Nirbhaya case: Juvenile convict set for release, trained as tailor to earn a living - The juvenile convict in the December 16, 2012 gang rape case may get an amount of Rs 10,000 so that he can lead "a new life" as a tailor after coming out of jail on Sunday.

A "post release plan" is prepared by a management committee headed by the district child protection officer (District Child Protection Unit) as per the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Rules. The plan was submitted to the Delhi high court.

As per the plan, the management committee had recommended that, "the juvenile should lead a new life with a new identity provided by the appropriate government as applicable in his case if permissible to avoid any backlash or violent reaction".

The Department of Women and Child Development, Delhi government, had also informed the HC that the convict, who is now about 21 years old, was regularly counseled by experts from the Mental Health Unit.

As per the two-pronged post-release plan, the convict should be handed over to his parents or a close relative in a private arrangement, in order to protect the identities of his parents. The report added that the juvenile learnt both cooking and tailoring during his stay at the reform home.

"After detailed discussion in the department, it was felt that cutting and tailoring would be an appropriate vocation for him," the report said.

In the report, it was mentioned that the convict would require space for opening a tailoring shop on a rental basis, a sewing machine and other equipment such as scissors, measuring tape and cutting table.

"One-time financial grant of Rs 10,000 by Delhi government appears to be sufficient for giving him support at the initial stage. The department may arrange for some willing NGO to donate a sewing machine," it said.