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Nintendo's Quality of Life Sleep Projector Uncovered in Patent

Nintendo's Quality of Life Sleep Projector Uncovered in Patent - Nintendo is planning to shift to another tech arena with the "Quality of Life" initiative declared last year in one of the company's financial briefing.

Japan's video game giant has not revealed anything about it, however, the patent application submitted by Nintendo and dug up by fans gives a little window to company's plans in future.

As it turns out, Nintendo might be branching out to smart home technology.

The patent accessed by forum members of NeoGAF (via Engadget) reveals a kind of an alarm clock fitted with a projector and sleep sensors. This monitor works just on images and sounds the subject makes throughout the night.

The patent will be using a microphone and a camera to capture the information it needs.

There is no verification if the device itself will have its own cameras and microphone, but according to the patent illustrations a smartphone will be fitted to do the tracking.

Nintendo claims that the sleep monitor can forecast the user's mood depending on the data it captures.

It will be useful for Nintendo to work on the "emotions" part of the sleep monitor and perhaps integrate it with its gaming consoles.