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Nintendo Switch Issues: Battery Doesn't Last, Performance Differences In Portable And Docked Modes

Nintendo Switch that was was launched on March 3, got off to a great start with a huge sales record of around 80,000 units being sold in UK. But, the console is facing big issues with its portable mode, battery drainage being one.

The Nintendo Switch serves both as hand-held gaming console as well as a fully-fledged home gaming system.

The device was received well by consumers with around 80,000 units of the console being sold within the first week itself in the UK.

However, despite the great initial response to the console, the Switch has been facing some serious issues with its portable mode.

According to a report from Forbes, even though the lower specifications of the Switch are better than those of the PS4 and Xbox, the console has two major problem areas that could use some help. These problems may prove to be a hurdle for the console in the long term.

The two issues which can significantly disrupt the competitiveness of the device are that its battery does not last long and there are performance differences in portable and docked modes.

Since it holds a direct connection with the device's innate hardware, there is not much that can be changed significantly in the context of a longer battery life.

According to the reports, there are things that can be changed to make the console more efficient especially in the portable mode by controlling the battery usage. The console when used in long flights does not trouble much since there are several charging facilities or USB ports at one's disposal.

However, the problem appears when one uses it outside like with friends where there are no charging ports available, then the battery drains out rapidly.

The issue is not of the battery getting drained easily in the portable mode, but more of how this will cast an effect on the "unique local multiplayer options", provided by the Nintendo Switch.

The variations in specifications between the docked and portable and docked basically means that a game will run in a different manner in each setup.