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Nintendo Entertainment System turns 30

Nintendo Entertainment System turns 30 - The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is 30 years old today at least on its American birth certificate.

Not to be mistaken with Famicom release - which is way back in 1983 - it was the NES rebranding and a certain Super Mario Bros. that hurled Nintendo further into the centre of pop culture in the West.

The advent of console gaming, the NES arrived with 17 games, including Mario Bros., and other not-so-much memorable titles such as Stack Up and Hogan's Alley (not the wrestler).

After the supposed video game crash earlier in the decade, the company had started to become a recognizable brand in the West through arcades, with Donkey Kong being a breakthrough.

It was the 8-bit system that captured the public's imagination and kick started the home console industry in a significant way.