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NBA trade rumors: Warriors, Cavs & Pelicans eyeing Bucks' Greg Monroe?

Latest NBA trade rumors claim that the Warriors, Cavs, and Pelicans are all looking to hire Greg Monroe.

The NBA Training Camps are fast approaching and the name of Greg Monroe has emerged as a front runner for trade this offseason. The Milwaukee Bucks player appears attractive to several teams, with the likes of the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and New Orleans Pelicans being among those rumored to be going after the power forward.

Monroe began his career with the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons drafted him during the 2010 NBA Rookie Draft as their 7th overall pick during the 1st round. After five years with the Pistons, he decided to join the Milwaukee Bucks and signed a three-year, $50 million contract.

However, after that move, Monroe was not able to make that much of an impact as he did back with the Pistons and quietly played for the Bucks. But now rumors are rife that the Warriors, Cavs, and Pelicans all are seeking his services.

A report by the Parent Herald says that Monroe's lackluster performance could be among the reasons behind the Bucks' poor showing last season which is why they're placing Monroe on the trading block to pick up a more impactful player.