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NBA trade rumors: Los Angeles Lakers plan major deal for Paul George

Rumors are strong that the Los Angeles Lakers are aiming at a major trade that would allow them to acquire All-Star swingman Paul George from the Indiana Pacers.

Veteran sports writer Bill Simmons said that the Lakers already have enough cap space to sign at least two max contract players and the NBA franchise is now planning for a big splash in the offseason.

It will start off with a monster trade involving their no.2 pick.

Simmons said the Lakers will attempt to lure the Pacers front office with a combination of their top-2 pick, and D'Angelo Russell too in exchange for George - a California-native.

Simmons said that it is highly unlikely that the presumptive offer of the Lakers would be enough to land George, but it would force the Pacers to have a rethink.

The Lakers are set to come up with all sorts of package, but it is unlikely that the Pacers will trade their superstar in exchange for those players who are yet to prove their mettle in the NBA.