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NBA trade rumors: Cavaliers may lose Kevin Love to Knicks; Carmelo Anthony may take his place

Previously rumors were swirling that Kevin Love will move out of Cleveland Cavaliers and into the Boston Celtics if the Cavs fail to beat the Golden State Warriors and lose the championship. Now, it is learned that Love might go to the New York Knicks.

Latest NBA trade rumors claim that Love may fill the gap for the team when Carmelo Anthony would be traded to Cleveland to fulfill his and his good friend LeBron James' plans to play together in the future.

Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer said this genius NBA trade possibility "almost makes too much sense for it now to happen" and that it will be the perfect switch.

"The 27-year-old embeds within Kristaps Porzingis' timetable in New York better than the 32-year-old Anthony, and it's not clear how a rebuilding Knicks team will be able to contend in the remaining years of Carmelo's prime," Tjarks wrote.

"Carmelo and LeBron have talked about playing together for years, while Carmelo's ability to attack off the dribble as a 3/4 combo forward is exactly the player the Cavs need to contend with the Warriors," he added.

SB Nation claims that Love's move to Boston Celtics seems to be the most likely option. Cavaliers will not mind trading Love to the Green and White team, who will give James' squad the fresh talents and wing defense in return.