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NBA trade rumors: Boston Celtics may recruit Kevin Durant

Los Angeles: Boston Celtics are now out of the NBA 2016 Playoffs but the fans of this franchise still believe that they are one of the few teams which can make some major decisions in the off-season.

Sportsrageous reported that the elimination of Boston Celtics means that they will now be an active name in the NBA trade rumors. It is likely that the team will target players via trades or free agencies. Rumors are strong that one of the targets in the free agency section is Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant.

Durant is one of the top players who is up for grabs this summer. For the playoffs, viewers will closely monitor how Thunder will get through their battle with the powerhouse San Antonio Spurs. The two teams are set to face each other in the upcoming Western Conference Semi Final.

NESN reported that although the Celtics ended with second NBA Playoffs first round exit, they have a bright future. It is definitely a good news for Danny Ainge (Celtics, General Manager) and his staff as they were able to enter an off-season with lots of assets in disposal.

Here are the few choices of Boston Celtics:

Free Agents:

1. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder, Forward)

2. Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks, Center)

Trade Targets:

3. De Marcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings, Center)

4. Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls, Forward)