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NBA rumors: Warriors coach Steve Kerr has replacement for Luke Walton

The name of Golden State Warriors is now doing the rounds in NBA rumors. With Luke Walton becoming the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, fans are trying to find out who Steve Kerr will turn to as a replacement on his coaching staff.

ESPN reported that Jarron Collins could become the next lead assistant for the Warriors. The former Utah Jazz center is believed to be on the fast track in the NBA , as he lacks enough coaching experience.

It would not be wrong to say that sitting next to Kerr is one of the best jobs in the NBA. Alvin Gentry spent a year at the position and earned his first championship in the National Basketball Association. It also gave him an opportunity to become a head coach on the professional level. Gentry is now the head coach for the New Orleans Pelicans and is currently busy figuring out how to maximize the potential of All-NBA forward Anthony Davis.

Once Gentry became the New Orleans Pelicans coach, Kerr went to bat for Luke Walton, and the whole thing proved beneficial for everyone involved. The Warriors were looking for an experienced hand and were willing to pay a good amount of money to make that happen. Kerr wanted to promote Walton to the rule, and he returned with a record breaking start for an NBA team and got the chance to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The safe bet would not be in favour of Jarron Collins becoming the head coach of an NBA team after spending a year as the lead assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. It is a fact that Collins really has a thin NBA resume.