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NBA rumors: Kings may 'test the market' for DeMarcus Cousins

The Los Angeles Lakers came very close to acquiring Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins last summer, but the deal did not happen. Since then it has consistently been reported that the Kings had no intentions of trading their All-Star center, but things may change.

No one can raise question over Cousins' talent, but he has temperament issue as he has clashed with nearly all of his coaches in the NBA. After another year of missing the playoffs, it is likely that Cousins' attitude may not be tolerated by the Kings anymore, according to Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee. It is likely that the Kings could be willing to test the market on their star player:

Cousins was untouchable a year ago and now it is felt that Divac is tempted by the prospect of pairing his center with his personally selected coach but that he has greatly unhappy over his center's ongoing issues. This is the first time the Kings are willing to test the market for the two-time All-Star.

Voisin reported that Cousins has also alienated with teammates at Kings. "Apart from Rondo, Cousins has few friends among his teammates. Several players privately have complained to management about his mood swings and disrespect for those around him, including his coaches and in particular Karl," he added.

The Lakers tried their best to land Cousins last season, so it seems logical that they would try to add him again this off-season.