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NBA rumors: DeMar DeRozan may receive max offer from Los Angeles Lakers

DeMar DeRozan is going to be popular free agents this offseason, and the Los Angeles Lakers is also going to express interest in signing him. DeRozan is going to start the next season with a good record. It is expected that the Lakers and some other teams will definitely try to wean him away from the Toronto Raptors.

DeRozan showed his potential this season in more ways than ever and he is set to receive more than one contract. He averaged a career-high in assist percentage, showing that he can create more than ever before in his NBA career.

He was more efficient that ever before. He also did not settle in the midrange game. Only 24.7 percent of his shots came from long-range two and 22.6 percent of his shots came within three feet of the basket this season, which boosted his free throw rate to 47.4 percent.

It is this production which has prompted Lakers and some other teams to recruit him next season. SportsNet reported that the Lakers are prepared to offer DeRozan "the moon." DeRozan is a player who has got the potential to rejuvenate a Lakers squad that is coming off a disappointing season coupled with the loss of Kobe Bryant to retirement. Jordan Clarkson is set to a free agent this summer, and it is not known whether he will re-sign with Los Angeles.

But loyalty is very important to DeRozan. According to SportsNet this may complicate his chances of going to Los Angeles or to any other team. "My mindset has always been Toronto. I always preached it. I was passionate about it when we were losing. When we were terrible, I said I'm going to stick through this whole thing and I want to be that guy who brings this organization to where it is now. I definitely don't want to switch up after we win," he said.