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NBA rumors: Chicago Bulls may trade Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler to Lakers

The Chicago Bulls will need to ponder over many things in the offseason, and rumors are strong that the team may also think about trading Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler.

For its part, the Bulls have yet to confirm whether they are really planning to trade Rose and Butler, but experts maintain that this idea seems to have logic.

Michael Rene Kanoy of Pippen Aint Easy, a blog site for Bulls fanatics, said that it is possible that the Bulls will decide to trade Rose after the team sacked the rehab specialist of All-Star point guard. Kanoy added that Rose may go to the Los Angeles Lakers. This trade would take place only at the expense of LA's No. 2 pick and one of the team's young talents.

"The Lakers get their coveted marquee player with D'Angelo Russell staggered at the point and can offer Rose the moon next year easy. The Bulls can trade down the draft with the 14th pick if they score the second pick from the Lakers for more picks and grab role-playing defensive athletes," Kanoy wrote.

It seems highly unlikely that the Lakers would trade for Rose, who has injuries concern. It is to be noted that Rose played only a total of 167 games in the past three seasons. It would not be wrong to say that Rose is a very talented player but it may not impress the Lakers enough to offer him a contract.

Meanwhile, Butler's name is also doing the rounds of the NBA rumors. It is likely that the Bulls may trade two-time All-Star and Chicago's rising star to the Lakers for D'Angelo Russell, Nick Young, Brandon Bass and the No. 2 pick.