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NBA free agency: DeMar DeRozan to Philadelphia 76ers with max offer suggested

The Philadelphia 76ers is now focused on actually winning basketball games after being remaining focused on hiring new players.

The transition from one phase to another is quite tough as their roster is imbalanced. Every other team in the NBA knows about the weakness of the Sixers, they are not in a place to negotiate from a position of power.

GM Bryan Colangelo has huge cap space to sign free agents, but with the Sixers string of mediocrity, now free agent will show interest in joining them.

Colangelo is in a position to use his connections, though. With regards to Toronto Raptors free agent DeMar DeRozan, they are not strangers. Colangelo offered DeRozan his current contract, as recalled by Blake Murphy of Raptors Republic.

"At the time, the deal looked like an unnecessary, or at least early risk, but DeRozan's ascension to All-Star status soon made it look like a bargain," Murphy wrote.

According to The Sixer Sense. "Many fans have speculated about the possibility of the Sixers offering DeRozan the max deal this summer."