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NBA Trade Rumors: Joakim Noah wants out of Chicago Bulls? What the team wants?

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah is free to sign with any team when free agency starts on July 1. Nonetheless, the Bulls front office does not want Noah to leave this summer and the team is prepared to resign him to a new deal.

Noah reportedly had a difficult 2015-2016. One of the reasons is that he could not always stay on the same wavelength with the head coach, Fred Hoiberg. Moreover, he could only play 29 games because of his injuries.

The Bulls may have to compete with other teams in July to get Noah re-signed. It cannot be denied that his leadership both on-and-off the floor has been instrumental to the success of the team.

If Noah is offered a fair contract and also if Bulls has basketball players who can help him perform better, then he may decide to stay in the team.