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NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks to trade Greg Monroe, chase Dwight Howard?

Los Angeles: The Milwaukee Bucks are one of the few NBA teams who could consider trading some of the players in their core roster to get back on their winning ways next seasons. One proposed move the Bucks might consider is trading away Greg Monroe and fill the five spot with a defensive center.

Monroe has not been a good fit in the Bucks on both ends of the floor, with the team apparently more effective in utilizing their younger assets, although the 26-year-old big man averaged 15.3 points on 52.2 percent shooting from the field this season.

The Bucks are 9th in the league in points allowed in the paint, with 44.0 Opponent Points per game. In a total of 103.2 OPPG, it means the Bucks are giving up 42 percent of opposing teams' inside the paint, and part of it could be accounted to Monroe's 2.4 Defensive Win Shares.

With Monroe arguably a liability for the Bucks on the defensive end, Milwaukee might try to sign a defensive center in the summer. One potential free agent could be Houston Rockets Dwight Howard.

It must be noted that the report about Howard's move to join the Bucks was only for the 2015-2016 regular season, with the All-Star center expected to opt out of his four-year $87.5 million contract with the Rockets for more profitable deals.

Howard could give the Bucks the needed presence inside the paint. In spite of his age, he is still considered as one of the most elite big men in the league, averaging 13.7 points, 11.8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game.