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NBA Rumors: Lakers To Trade Draft Pick To Chicago Bulls For Jimmy Butler

The Los Angeles Lakers are over with their NBA season for only a couple of weeks now, but plans are already being devised for next season.

The 2016 NBA Draft is arriving, and the Lakers have a very good opportunity of getting the number one overall pick, but they may not keep it. Rumors are starting to float that the Lakers may actually think about making a trade with the Chicago Bulls for Jimmy Butler.

If the Lakers are able to hold on to their high pick, then it is possible they could decide to trade it. A number of important players are available in the draft for the top three picks, but Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak could also be considering the talent already in the NBA.

Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls clarified it last summer that he would have treasured to have inked a one-year deal with the Lakers last year when he was a restricted free agent. Unfortunately, the salary cap rules wouldn't permit him to do that and he wound up back with the Bulls. Soon after that, he inked a five-year deal with Chicago which was worth $95 million.

Crossmap reports that a trade that can send Butler from Chicago to LA isn't totally out of the question, and there are already some options. One option being thrown around is for the Lakers to arrange a package of Jordan Clarkson and their top draft pick and trade it to the Bulls for Butler.

It is not known what is going to happen after the trading season opens in the NBA, and it's not even known if the LA Lakers will get hold of the top pick in the draft.

No matter what, they will have a pretty high one, and it could be easily used as trade tease for Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls or any number of players.