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NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Superstar Trade Targets Revealed

The Boston Celtics were sent out by the Atlanta Hawks in Game 6 of their series right in their home floor. Now that they're out, the next thing is to acquire a superstar.

The experts at ESPN Insider ponder over about Boston and their trade targets. Trade, because the Celtics are not a source for free agents, and Danny Ainge knows that.

Amin Elhassan says that "all those assets don't mean a thing if you can't flip them in a worthwhile deal. So basically the Celtics have two potential pitfalls: making a deal for a player who doesn't necessarily move the program forward, or not making any deal and remaining stagnant as those aforementioned asset values start to decay."

DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler are two players said to be on the trading block who fulfill their needs. Danilo Gallinari is also an accessible piece if Denver wants full rebuild and add to their youth brigade. There are also free agent options for the Celtics but they are simply not at the top destination list.

Elhassan has a theory about this. "Whether it's justified, the sentiment is definitely out there. The NBA is heavily populated with young black men. As a man of color and someone who talks to NBA players, I know that Boston doesn't have a rep as a friendly town for young black men."

It might be upsetting to know that racism is still an issue in 2016 but that is the perception. Perhaps they should pay heed to Isaiah Thomas as he talked to Chris Forsberg on ESPN.

Thomas said, "Our fans are amazing. This city is a sports town. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. When you do get to experience what Boston Celtics basketball is like, it's like no other organization. As long as we keep getting better, hopefully guys will start to choose Boston as a city they want to play in."