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NASA's Curiosity rover spots rock formation on Mars; did aliens arrange them in circle?

NASA's Curiosity Rover has spotted a mysterious rock 'circle' formation on Mars, giving another chance to the alien hunters of speculating about presence of alien life on the red planet.

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover captured the picture of the rock formation this week.

The space enthusiasts have now claimed that the rocks were 'arranged' and laid out by another form of life. They have even suggested that it may be a part of a larger never seen before structure which might have now been buried.

"Whatever we're seeing here, it's in a perfect circle and it's much different from the craters that we normally see on Mars and the moon and throughout the other planets in the solar system. This almost looks like these rocks were arranged in this circular formation," one space enthusiast said in a video posted by the YouTube channel SecureTeam10.

"Either that or this could potentially be some sort of ruin. One thing's for sure, I've never seen anything quite like it on Mars. It just looks eerily out of place," he added.

They compared the rock circle with another formation which was discovered in 2015, which looked to have similarities to Stonehenge.