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NASA exploring possible landing sites for manned Mars mission

The past few months of NASA's planning for the Mars mission has opened several new questions as to what steps will b taken by the scientists and astronomers to make the mission successful.

NASA and DARPA are staring at a major challenge but the hurdles are unlikely to stop researching, revising and planning until they find answers to each question regarding the trip to the Red planet.

According to Discovery News, a workshop has been scheduled by NASA this Fall in Houston. The workshop is focused on identifying possible landing sites on the Red planet with humans aboard the landing spacecraft.

Those attending the workshop will study several 62-mile-wide "exploration zones" to identify which one will best suite the sustainability of life considering several factors such as availability of resources, and areas which are for scientific research.

NASA has joined hands with several space agencies to make this mission as realistic and plausible as possible. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is suggesting that they better find "a way to terraform Mars".

The world's premier agency is focused on finding out how to make some important species more tolerant to harsh environmental and atmospheric conditions of the Red planet. DARPA is aiming to build a colony population on Mars in order to end the expensive resupply trips from Earth. The DARPA is also planning to find creative sources that will supply the astronomers with water and oxygen.

The Planetary Science Division head of NASA, Jim Green, stated that the talk of the logistics regarding the plan to send manned mission to Mars is expected to turn into a "hot debate".