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Myspace has your old photos & wants you back

Several Myspace users who switched to rival Facebook and stopped using Myspace got a shocking message from Myspace over the weekend.

"Your Photos are Back!" reads the subject line of the ominous marketing e-mail, before going on to promise/threaten "the good, the bad, and the what were you thinking."

Myspace insisted that the campaign should not be seen as a blackmail technique. A company spokesperson said that it is just an attempt by the company to reach out to an untold number of "current and past users" and "re-engage them through a personalized experience."

Analysts, however, maintain that it is nothing but a last-ditch attempt by Myspace to keep itself alive in the market. If you search "myspace" on Twitter, the results generally fall into two categories: lyrics from the song "Latch," by house duo Disclosure and riffs on the theme "Myspace still exists?"

Though a Web site called "Myspace" is still in existence but it has stopped doing all things that it did when people were using it in 2008.

In 2011, a Californian company called Specific Media bought the company and in 2013 Specific relaunched Myspace as a kind of streaming radio service/music news site/social network for music fans. The company invested $20 million for ad campaign of the new service.

The new Myspace encourages people to upload songs and videos. Shortly after the launch, the new site boasted a library of 2 million music videos and 52 million songs, organized into user- and artist-curated playlists.