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Muslims to protest against recent killings after Eid namaz

First there was Akhlaq, then Minhaj, later Pehlu Khan and many more and now Junaid - alarmed and pained by the recent spike in the killing of fellow Muslims by mobs, Muslims of India have decided to protest against the injustice in a big way. Social media is abuzz with calls for protest after Eid namaz tomorrow.

You may recall that recently a 16-year-ole Muslim boy Junaid was mercilessly beaten and stabbed to death by a mob in a train while returning home in Haryana from Delhi. He was accompanied by his two brothers who too were beaten and stabbed but somehow survived and are in hospital in very bad condition.

The incident took place on Thursday evening between Okhla and Asoti in Haryana, a distance of about 60 km. The four injured said, the attackers repeatedly called them "anti-nationals" and "beef eaters", threw their skull caps on the floor, caught their beards and taunted them with terms such as "mulla".

The incident has angered and shaken Muslims across the nation and they have decided to protest against rising incidents of violence against Muslims in the country.

Renowned Muslim poet Imran Pratapgarhi called for protest on social media and asked everyone to join in.

Journalist and write Wasim Akram Tygai too has urged Muslims to come out and protest against the victimization of Muslims and seek justice from the Narendra Modi government.

Social activist Naved Chouddhry, who has been very actively pursuing and raising Muslim issues on various platforms, is spearheading a social media campaign to make Muslims aware of the atmosphere in the country and urge them to join in the protests against the injustice.

Social activist Mohammad Pervez expressed his disappointment with most of the Muslim leaders of the country saying, "these Muslim leaders, once they come to power, care only about maintaining their position and keep quiet on burning issues affecting their fellow Muslims. It's time the people make these leaders realize that this will not be tolerated any more. it's time to demand justice and make sure that justice is what we get."

Meanwhile in the Ballabhgarh mob killing case, only one arrest has been made so far.