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Mumbai airport on high alert after serial blasts threat

The Mumbai airport is on high alert after receiving a call late on Monday that warned of attacks on domestic and international terminals as well as the Taj Hotel.

According to security personnel, the call that came around 8:30pm was made by a person who acknowledged himself as Vishesh Kumar.

Kumar told the control room at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport he had eavesdropped on a few people discussing a terror plot. He heard that 16 vehicles laden with explosives would be used to carry out the terror attack at domestic terminal, international terminal and the Taj Hotels between 9am and 10am.

A senior airport security jawan said, "As per protocol we go on high alert when there is a specific threat such as naming a location of attack."

The Mumbai airport spokesperson said the police had found the caller but refused to divulge any details at the moment. Security has been tightened as per high alert protocol.

Armed guards at watch booths ahead of terminal gates have been doubled. Vehicles entering the airport are being checked and motorists frisked. Team in plain clothes are patrolling the terminal.