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Mud pack beauty treatment to restore Taj Mahal's natural sheen

The iconic Taj Mahal, which is one among the seven wonders of the world, will soon receive a 'mud-pack treatment' to restore the natural sheen of the white marble.

The marble has started turning yellow due to increasing pollution.

Superintending Archaeologist of ASI B M Bhatnagar said that due to increasing pollution in the city, the white marble of the monument is yellowing and is losing its sheen.

He added that the chemical wing of the ASI has started preparations for a mud-pack treatment to restore the natural look of the monument.

The ASI has modelled the process using a traditional beauty cleansing treatment used by Indian women who apply 'Multani mitti' (Fuller's earth) on their faces in order to keep their skin glowing.

As part of the 'facial' treatment, the ASI will plaster the monument with the lime-rich clay and it be left intact overnight to dry.

Once the mud will begin to dry, it will be washed off.

"The surface is covered with a 2-mm thick layer of Fuller's earth and when it dries the flakes are removed from the surface with soft nylon brushes and washed with distilled water to remove impurities sticking to the surface," Bhatnagar said.