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'Most precise' quantum thermometer ever designed

London: Researchers have succeeded in designing the "most precise" quantum thermometer to date. The researchers from the UAB and the University of Nottingham have fixed the limits of thermometry, which means they have established the smallest possible measurable fluctuation in temperature.

The sensitivity of thermometers was studied by the researchers by creating a handful of atoms, small enough to be capable of showing typical quantum-style behaviours.

The researchers then characterized these types of probes in detail, devices which could help in providing an estimation of the temperature with a superb precision.

In order to do that, the researchers combined thermodynamic tools with quantum metrology, which deals with precise measures in quantum systems.

For the authors of the research, "finding a nanothermometer sensitive enough at this scale is a great step forward in the field of nanotechnology, with applications in biology, chemistry, physics and even in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases".

The findings of the study are published in Physical Review Letters.