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Microsoft's spring Surface event may include Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft is expected to hold a spring hardware event in early May, but latest reports suggest that the company could focus it on a new Windows 10 Cloud variant.

ZDNet reports that the codename of Microsoft’s unannounced event is “Bespin,” a fictional Star Wars planet that includes a “Cloud City.”

Reports about a Windows 10 Cloud variant first appeared in January, with early copies showing that it will be another simplified version of Windows designed to run Microsoft’s Universal apps from the Windows Store.

Microsoft is likely to position Windows 10 Cloud as an alternative to Chrome OS, and as a low-cost or free OS for PC makers willing to build machines that will compete with Chromebooks.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft may have a new Surface-branded device to show off at its May event, but it’s not clear whether the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled.

DigiTimes earlier reported that Microsoft will adopt a clamshell design for the Surface Book 2 instead of existing 2-in-1 design, in order to reduce the cost of the laptop.

ZDNet says a Surface Book 2 won’t be ready in time for the May event, but it’s possible Microsoft has a separate Surface device ready to launch instead.

If Microsoft does have plans of a separate event for early May then the company will need to announce it soon, as the Build developers conference is due to start in Seattle on May 10th.