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Microsoft's omission of Windows Phone at E3 raises several questions

Microsoft revealed several new things at Build 2016 earlier this year, but the company maintained complete silence over the Windows Phone during the developer conference. The silence adopted by the company at that time raised questions over the company's plan to launch Surface Phone.

And it's now happening once again, as Microsoft did not mention Windows phones during its E3 keynote and instead focused on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox.

We have seen that Microsoft often included Windows phones into the Windows 10 category but the software giant's executives were specific this time as they referred to "Windows 10 PC," thus leaving phones out of discussion.

This led to a new round of criticism on reddit, where debates started over the future of Windows 10 Mobile. Several users claim that the omission of Windows phones from the E3 keynote is not a good choice.

"I want to assure you that your investment in Windows phones is not at risk. The mobility of the Windows 10 experience remains core to our More Personal Computing ambition. We will continue to support and update the Lumia devices that are currently in the market, and the development of Windows 10 phones by OEMs, such as HP, Acer, Alcatel, VAIO, and Trinity; as well as develop great new devices," Microsoft said in the mail sent to partners earlier this year.