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Microsoft chief Satya Nadella says India's 'tremendous' entrepreneurial energy can scale up, not just start

Bengaluru: India is probably one of the places in the world where the entrepreneurial energy is able to scale up, not just start, Microsoft's India-born CEO Satya Nadella said on Monday.

He said the entrepreneurial energy in the country is 'tremendous' and Microsoft is 'enthused' about it. "Every time I come back to India, the thing that grabs you is the entrepreneurial spirit of the place. There are a whole bunch of startups doing really exciting work," Nadella said.

"Center of entrepreneurial energy at least for us right now in India is all around our cloud. It is fantastic, the quality of the entrepreneurs, the ideas... the Indian market itself is huge, but also going beyond that, it is amazing to see (the growth)", he said in response to IT veteran Nandan Nilekani's question regarding entrepreneurial energy in India.

Nadella began his three-day visit to India here on Monday, where he participated in a discussion organised by Microsoft on cloud-first, mobile-first world along with Nilekani.

"I think that the entrepreneurial energy of the place is just tremendous," he said.

Pointing out that in the last twelve months there were about 2000 startups in the Microsoft Accelerator programme that the company runs out of Bengaluru, Nadella said 2000 startups using 'our cloud, it is fantastic'.