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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs and release date update: Surface Pro 5 could feature new AMD Ryzen chip instead of Intel's Kaby Lake flagship

Despite there being no concrete information yet about Microsoft's newest Surface Pro 5 and its specs, features as well as release date, there is no lack of speculations doing rounds on the internet.

The newest update says that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could feature the latest AMD Ryzen Chip instead of Intel's flagship 7th generation Kaby Lake chip.

There is a lot of anticipation for the Surface Pro 5. A report says that Surface Pro 5 could be a great partner for those who needed a super fast hardware, especially when it comes to computing.

There is also a high probability that the Kaby Lake chip might be featured in the hardware. Surface Pro 5 might also feature Core i3, i5, and i7 chips.

PC Advisor reported that the Surface Pro 5 will be out in the market this coming Spring 2017. Though it is expected this month, this speculation emerged after the hardware did not show up last February during the MWC.

The Surface Pro 5 rumors got a big push after the new trailer was released. It showed how the Surface Pro 5 and its design is similar to the Pro 4. Moreover, the AMD logo was also spotted in the video.

We will be back with latest news and updates about Microsoft Surface pro 5 specs, features and release date.