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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs update: Next Surface Pro to launch in Spring 2017?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date may be around the corner as latest reports suggest a spring 2017 launch for the upcoming device.

The 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) was a much anticipated event where tech companies around the globe exhibited their latest innovations and upcoming products. It was widely expected that Microsoft will showcase its new addition to the Surface Pro lineup during the MWC but that did not happen.

On March 2, the world's grandest mobile industry event concluded with a no-show from Microsoft.

Earlier this year, Microsoft had phased out its third generation Surface Pro and made price cuts for Intel Core i5 and m3 models of Surface Pro 4 giving rise to rumors that the company is trying to eliminate the old versions in order to make room for the next addition to the Surface Pro lineup - the Surface Pro 5.

After MWC disappointment, now rumors are pointing to another release time. Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrott has predicted that Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled sometime in spring of 2017.

CNet says that the next generation Surface Pro will possibly be out in the market in October. Like its predecessor, Surface Pro 4 was launched in October 2015, while Surface Book i7 was in October 2016. The Surface Book series is another hybrid laptop built with higher resolution than Surface Pro.

As far as Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs are concerned, the device is very likely to feature latest Intel Kaby Lake processor. However, some reports have said that Microsoft would be using Qualcomm Snapdragon this time. This is for a planned LTE installation for the Surface Pro 5's mobile connectivity upgrade.