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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs, news and updates: Ultimate all-in-one coming this fall?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date was earlier expected to arrive last year but that did not happen and now experts are of the opinion that the all-in-one device with some exciting specs and features will be launched in fall 2017.

While Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date and specs rumors continue to float around, analysts are confident that 2017 is the year the sleek, all-in-one, premium tablet will be released.

Reports claim Surface Pro 5 could arrive as early as March, which, if true, we will soon find out. There is enough evidence to anticipate its arrival later on during the year. Chief among these is the next major Windows OS update (called the Creator’s Update). The patch will only be released this Fall and that would make the yearly Windows Event in October the most ideal moment to unleash new devices that can flaunt Microsoft’s newest software adjustments.

Reports suggest the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 635 chip or AMD’s Ryzen. Other reports insist that Intel’s new Kaby Lake chips will be put into the device. Battery drainage is offered as the greatest reason to choose a Snapdragon 635 processor over the 7th gen Intel Core chips. Although the very reason for Surface Pro series is to cram the best possible PC capacity into a tablet device. This would logically make the Kaby Lakes a better option. Even though both rumors are not at all far fetched, analysts seem to favor the latter chipset for the Pro 5.

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to come in two display variants, 2K and 4K resolution. If this is the case, then the upcoming gadget will be among the most powerful and reputable 4K tablets to land on the market.

The Pro 5 is expected to support the Surface Pen. The stylus is often bundled with the company’s tablets. The Surface Pen will allegedly get some upgrades of its own. Sources claim the Pro 5 will be able to clutch onto the Pen magnetically. This feature would be much like the Surface Studio’s. Only this time around, the Surface Pen will be rechargeable by the very same means. Though magnetic as well, the current Surface Pen is only powered by a single AAAA battery. It cannot be charged by being placed on the side of Surface Studio display.

USB Type-C came to the fore in recent years. The Surface Pro 4 was not out of place by providing a handy USB 3.0 port when it came out in October 2015. USB slotting adds entire dimensions of convenience to any tablet. Replacing the 3.0 with a Type-C is bound to make the Surface Pro 5 stand out though. It would also help the product stay relevant for a considerable time moving forward. Support for Thunderbolt 3 would be greatly appreciated, too.

The Surface Pro 5’s manufacturing contract was reportedly handed to Pegatron. The very same company builds the new Surface Studio. The Pro 5 promises to be all shades of convenience and innovation just like it predecessors.

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