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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs, news and updates: Here's everything we know so far

While fans are eagerly waiting for Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date announcement, all sorts of speculations are floating around about the specs and features of the upcoming device.

Veteran technology writer Mary Jo Foley is said to have spoken with several sources familiar with Microsoft's plans in the coming months. Foley reports (via ZDNet) that the Redmond, Washington company will still hold their usual hardware launch event before spring ends.

She added that another anticipated product – the Surface Book 2 – "is not going to be announced here" and she is still unsure if that is the same fate for the sought-after hybrid tablet-laptop, the Surface Pro 5. Foley also reiterated that Microsoft has pushed back the unveiling of the HoloLens hologram products to 2019.

And as to what Microsoft will announce in spring (if the things people have been expecting from the company are not making appearances), Foley speculates that it might be a whole new Surface product line that she dubbed as "Cloud Books" that will try to challenge Chromebooks. Foley also considers a possible Surface device that is more focused on gaming-related functions.

However, the tech world is still hoping to see Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date arrive before this year ends.

As far as Microsoft Surface Phone specs are concerned, one of the most expected specifications to land is the upcoming Windows 10 update dubbed as Redstone 2. In earlier reports, it was even one of the considered reasons why Microsoft is delaying the release of the anticipated hybrid tablet-laptop.

Back in 2016, the most (or what used to be the only) possible chip to power the Surface Pro 5 was Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors. However, with the announcement of AMD's Ryzen which is equally powerful but significantly cheaper, the odds have greatly changed.

While many are hopeful that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled this year, Microsoft is yet to officially confirm the existence of the said product.