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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs Update: 2017 Launch Still Expected; No Big Changes On Cards

While reports of work on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 being underway are doing rounds, the device may not be available to interested consumers anytime soon.

The Redmond giant has a big event lined up next month, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is not expected to be ready in time for an unveiling during the event.

However, the company already has things planned with regard to what they want to do with the next Microsoft Surface Pro iteration.

If earlier reports are any indication, Microsoft is not making big changes in the device. According to Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott, there is "nothing dramatic" to expect.

The software giant is leaving the Surface Connect power connector untouched in the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but it is going to power the laplet up with the Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Since it is the latest and most powerful Intel has to offer, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 should enjoy some exciting upgrades including longer battery life, which has been a source of complaints by Surface Pro 4 users.

Many believed that the last-generation version of the 2-in-1 device had poor battery life, staining an otherwise amazing laplet, but the Intel Kaby Lake should help rectify that.

Not only that, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 should also boast lightning fast processing power and improved graphics performance courtesy of the Kaby Lake.

With regard to the rest of the specs and features, the laplet is expected to come with a 2K resolution display and 16 GB random-access memory (RAM).

Although the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is not getting its big unveiling next month, it is expected to still be released later this year. Not too long ago, the device got the thumbs up from China Compulsory Certificate (CCC).

The CCC is an entity that makes sure that the devices imported or sold in China are safe for use. This suggests that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is almost ready for its big reveal.

As far as the delay in the release of the device is concerned, it is being said that Microsoft has poured much of its attention on expanding the Windows 10 Cloud system, which is believed to be the focus of the May event.