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Microsoft Surface Phone to release soon; Windows 10 device to pack these specs & features

Microsoft fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Surface Phone.

It is to be noted that the Redmond giant has not made any official statement related to the Surface phone but the rumors related to its release have been dominating the Internet for quite some time.

Forbes recently reported that the Surface Phone is unlikely to release before early 2017. As per Venture Beat, the Surface Phone is developed by the team which worked on Surface and Surface Book. This team is led by Panos Panay.

Analysts maintain that the release of Surface Phone will spell doom for Lumia phones. It seems that Microsoft is taking its time to come with a top class handset that will run Windows 10.

It is learned that three versions of the Surface Phone would hit the market. These include the (1) consumer, (2) the business and (3) the prosumer/enthusiast versions, Windows Central reported. Variations in specs and features will definitely be seen.

The outlet also quoted CEO Satya Nadella's word in July 2015, which said, "We plan to narrow our focus to three customer segments where we can make unique contributions and where we can differentiate through the combination of our hardware and software. We'll bring business customers the best management, security and productivity experiences they need; value phone buyers the communications services they want; and Windows fans the flagship devices they'll love."