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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 release date, specs, news: What we know about the Surface Phone so far

Microsoft enjoyed great success in 2016 with the company's Surface products. And now, people are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the highly rumored Microsoft Surface Phone, of whose 2017 release date and specs, very few details are confirmed.

There have been several promising leaks pointing to a powerful Microsoft Surface Phone with exciting news features.

The Surface Phone 2017 is expected be a powerful handset, a device that is likely to give strong competition to its rivals. It is safe to say that the Surface Phone will feel like holding a full-fledged PC in your hand. The concept is not far-fetched, as Microsoft's Surface line has really made a name by producing and introducing hybrid devices to the tech world.

The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is obviously expected to run on the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 reportedly will be powered by the latest Windows 10 OS and run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. Leaked images of the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 have confirmed a single grille speakers at the top of the handset, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The same speakers of the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will also be present at the bottom with USB Type-C port, according to Neuro Gadget.

Also, rumor has it that Microsoft is working tirelessly to unveil the Microsoft Surface Phone before the year ends.