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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release Date, Specs, Latest News: Leaked Patent Image Sparks Fresh Rumors

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 release date could be arriving sooner sooner than thought after new photos claiming to show the device emerged online sparking fresh specs and features rumors.

Photos posted on to Chinese social media site Weibo by a renowned leakster in the country show off what appears to be a new prototype Microsoft smartphone.

What sets these new images apart, however is that the device shown comes complete with Surface Phone branding - the first time this has been seen.

The photos, spotted by PhoneArena, show the mystery device sporting a similarly blocky build to Microsoft's existing Surface Pro hybrid device.

This would support the idea that Microsoft wants all its hardware devices to interact together, much like it is aiming to get its Windows 10 software running across as many devices as possible.

However, there is one issue with these new photos which is the photos show off Carl Zeiss branding for the smartphone's cameras, a name that has not been seen for some years now.

The presence of this hardware in the pictures could either be a sign that this is an older prototype device, or this could mean that Microsoft is restarting its relationship with the iconic lensmaker.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently raised hopes among Microsoft fans that the device could be coming soon when he hinted last month that a Surface Phone could be "the ultimate mobile device".

Going by the company's previous release cycles, it looks that an October 2017 launch could be the most likely for the much anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone.