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Mecca tragedy: Indian death toll in hajj stampede rises to 35

With 13 more deaths being confirmed, the death toll of Indian pilgrims in last week's horrific stampede during Haj rose to 35 on Sunday.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj shared the updated toll via tweet.

According to Saudi authorities, the total death toll from the stampede during Haj is 769. The number of injured is 934. At least 13 Indians were among those injured.

King Salman has directed the formation of a committee to investigate the deadly incident during the five-day pilgrimage in which around two million people from over 180 countries participated. From India, 1.5 lakh pilgrims performed Haj.

Haj is one of the five pillars of Islam that should be undertaken at least once in a lifetime by every Muslim who is financially and physically capable.

The stampede broke out after two huge lines of pilgrims came together from different directions at an intersection close to the five-storey Jamarat Bridge in Mina for ritually stoning of the devil.

It was the second major accident this year for hajis, after a construction crane buckled on September 11 at Mecca's Grand Mosque, killing over 100 people which included 11 Indians.