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Masood Azhar wants Pakistan to 'open the path' for terrorism against India

Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief and Pathankot terror attack mastermind Masood Azhar has asked the Pakistani government "to open the path" for terrorism and jihadist groups so that they can accelerate their operations against India.

In an appeal published in the current issue of al-Qalam, the Jaish weekly magazine, Azhar said that "a lack of decisive decision-making" could rob Pakistan of a "historic opportunity" to take control over Kashmir.

"If nothing else, the government simply has to open the path for the mujahideen. Then, god willing, all the bitter memories of 1971 will be dissolved into the triumphant emotions of 2016," the report quotes the JeM chief as saying.

?Consider India before and after the jihad in Kashmir...You will see a dramatic difference. In the course of this journey, which I have been an eyewitness to, I have seen India reduced from a serpent to an earthworm,? Azhar said.

Azhar's remarks come after a leading Pakistani daily on Wednesday asked the civilian and military establishment why action against Azhar and JuD's Hafiz Saeed was "danger" to the country's national security.