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Mars, Jupiter, Venus And Crescent Moon Line Up In The Sky

Mars, Jupiter, Venus And Crescent Moon Line Up In The Sky - In a rare occurrence in space, planets Mars, Jupiter, Venus and the moon aligned in a line in the sky to give delight to space enthusiasts and astronomers.

People did not require advanced telescopes or devices to view the celestial show as the event was quite clear to the naked eye.

On Saturday, Nov. 7, the three planets looked as if they tramped together in a small area in the sky. The moon then lined up with Venus, appearing like a celestial "night-light," and Mars looked much dimmer.

The moon and the planets are usually aligned in different combinations and arrangements throughout the year. However, it is not usual for three planets and the moon to align with each other and be located in the same small region in the sky.

In a new study issued in The Astrophysical Journal, scientists suggested that a fifth giant planet was struck by either Jupiter or Saturn out of the solar system. The study was said to answer the assumptions that the makeup of the solar system is not quite exact.

Lead author Ryan Cloutier, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto said, "Our evidence points to Jupiter."

The findings of the study were said to be vital to widen the knowledge of experts regarding the unique evolution of the solar system.