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Logitech launches three new protective iPad cases

Logitech launches three new protective iPad cases

Logitech today launched three new cases - the Logitech(R) Hinge, the Logitech(R) Big Bang and the Logitech(R) Turnaround - each for the iPad(R) Air, iPad(R) mini and iPad mini with Retina display that give flexibility to iPad and also improve the viewing experience.

In Logitech Hinge, which is a flexible case, you can find a smooth-gliding hinge, which always helps you to view the video from the best angle. The Logitech Big Bang protects the iPad but it is not rugged and comes in a thin and light folio design. The Logitech Turnaround has got a sleek and stylish look and it rotates to give you the optimal screen position, landscape or portrait. This also protects Apple?s hugely popular tablet from bumps, scratches and spills.

"People expect their iPad to integrate into their daily activities - from playing your favorite games to checking e-mails on airplane trays or watching movies on the couch - but until now, accessories haven't adjusted to the kind of flexibility that our busy lifestyles demand," said Mike Culver, vice president and general manager of mobility at Logitech. "Providing people with accessories that are more flexible, versatile and protective is our main focus with the release of the Logitech Hinge, the Logitech Big Bang and the Logitech Turnaround."

The Logitech Hinge has got a unique stand that adapts to any activity or place. It is spill-resistant. The retail price for the Logitech Hinge is $59.99 for iPad Air and $49.99 for iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display.

The Logitech Big Bang is made up of high-performance materials and protect the iPad from drops, screen impact, bumps, scratches and spills.